Eliminate Leak to Improve Vacuum

Helping Made In America, one shop at a time.

This Northern Nevada customer was so happy with the Laguna Tools CNC Router they had been using for all these years, that they recently added a 2nd Laguna to the shop for more capacity. As happy as they are with their machines, work-holding with vacuum can still prove problematic on some parts. So they welcomed us in and gave us an Inside Look at how they are making (and holding) their parts.

First we checked (and replaced) the Grid Gasketing (our P/N UMG 25 312) in the table. This helped. Then we looked at to vacuum the parts. For his particular shop, we created a special fixture with three individual zones using Tile Gasketing (our P/N TG CR 06). Massive improvement in vacuum system effectiveness after those few small adjustments. Yes, they could have ran the job without our assistance. But after we made these changes, same jobs were running in less time, less waste, less steps and less headaches.

Hold It Better.
Cut It Better.
Profit Better.

To the next Made In America shop that is out there working so hard to make YOUR parts as best you can, as quickly as you can, as efficiently as you can, we look forward to working with you one day….


Spoil Board on top of the table gasket

On Board Gasket can be used directly on a spoil board.

Tile Gasket a great option for universal parts. It is applied directly to the spoilboard.

Tile Gasket a great option for universal parts. It is applied directly to the spoilboard.

It is quick and easy to adjust your Z for Tile Gasket

Quickly apply Tile Gasket. It increases the holding power of your Vacuum and prolongs the life of your spoilboard.

Table Gasket is like the lip of the freezer door.

How to Improve CNC Vacuum Clamping

Why do we loose small parts on a CNC Router? Why do we leave tabs that need clean-up later? Why do we have to make two passes or more on some parts?

Is it the router’s fault? Absolutely not. We know the router is capable of because it can make all of our other parts.

Is it the tooling’s fault? Shouldn’t be. The proper tooling should be factoring things like feed rates and types of materials being routed.

Is it the fault of the gantry system? The collets? The software? The operator? The answer is almost always “NO”.

The weak link in the system, and the reason customers cannot cut these parts, is almost always because their vacuum system is not working well enough. Simple as that. If the vacuum “worked better”, small parts would not be a problem. The only tool in the toolbox to improve vacuum work-holding: CNC Gasketing from All Star.

If we are going to do Made In America, let’s do it well. That means we need to do it smart. We need to do it efficient. We need to do it with less waste.

Hold It Better.
Cut It Better.
Profit Better.


We cannot thank my customers enough who allow me into their shops and observe their Made In America operations. This customer has three Komo Machine, Inc. routers running in their facility. They have been using our gasketing solutions for over 15 years and they were excited to show us their raised Dedicated Fixtures using In-Board Gasketing (our part CR 25 25). They have about 500 of these Dedicated Fixture Boards (not spoilboards) ready to go at any time. It allows for more parts in less time across their entire product line.

No matter the router. No matter the material. No matter the part. Gasketing solutions holds parts better on that CNC Router. Hold it better. Cut it better. Profit better.

What are you trying to cut today?


Guitar Jig with Woodshop Mike

Thank you to Woodshop Mike (https://www.instagram.com/p/CYTp2o-qysn/) who does a great job of making how-to videos to the woodworking world. Now that he has a ShopBot CNC in his shop, vacuum clamping has become a necessary subject to address. Luckily he found us and we were able to send various gasketing products to him in order to improve his work-holding. Mike will be making guitar parts to begin and will be documenting some of his work on his Instagram and YouTube channels. This fixture is using an In-Board Gasketing solution, best for repetitive parts.

Hold it better.
Cut it better.
Profit Better.
In that order.

Cut Parts in Less Time

This customer called us because they wanted to make more parts in less time. They were able to do this when they were able to eliminate the need to do onion skins / tabbing on the part, and the necessary work to clean these edges up before calling it a finished part. We helped the customer to create a Dedicated Fixture using In-Board Gasketing. It allowed his Biesse router to produce his desired PARTS in a single pass. Nobody buys a CNC router to make spoilboards. Companies invest in routers to make PARTS. Why is it then that the only thing most shops gasket for is under their spoilboards? Let’s gasket for PARTS. That is how we maximize vacuum performance.

Hold It Better.
Cut It Better.
Profit Better.

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Eliminate leakage and improve Vacuum Hold-down

A high-end toy manufacturer running a Techno CNC was having trouble holding their repetitive parts using their old spoilboard set-up. We told them you need to make an air-tight dedicated fixture for those repeat parts. They started applying cling-wrap everywhere to see where the leaks were occurring. By eliminating leak, they improved vacuum performance.

Hold it better.
Cut it better.
Profit better.

Now, customer is making parts in a single pass (no onion skins or tabbing) and are making more parts in less time. A very happy customer, indeed.

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Coach’s Corner: Cover Gasketing

Coach’s Corner: Cover Gasketing


In this video Coach Mike will walk you through the various step, tips and tricks to maximize the use Cover Gasketing products. We developed Cover Gasketing for customers that are making dedicated fixtures, but for the smallest of parts. These small parts, those with tight angles and/or or narrow portions, make it difficult to gasket for using a radiational Dedicated Fixture / In-Board Gasketing approach due to the size constraints. So there is no better way to MAXIMIZE vacuum surface area than by utilizing All Star’s Cover Gasketing approach.


Weekly Recap, 2010 Week 10

All Star CNC Products Weekly Recap , 3/8/21-3/12/21

Some of this week’s highlights in the worlds of gasketing and CNC routers. Always looking to improve vacuum hold down performance when it comes to cutting parts…..


– Received word that Mike will be presenting at the Educational Seminars at this years AWFS trade show. We will be presenting on the topic how CNC Gasketing can better vacuum clamp on CNC Routers. Looking forward to presenting.

– Brought in our new piece of manufacturing equipment: a proper core cutter!! This will prevent some of those frayed cardboard core edges that keep the rolls centered in the case.


– Had a great day of filming with Lane Power (www.lanepower.com) doing some final film work for the upcoming CNC Gasketing social media video. May be coming out next week!!

– Posted our Coach’s Corner gasketing segment talking about making dedicated fixtures and using in-board gasketing. Great tutorial for those looking to hold production run parts on their router. If you are doing repetitive parts, stop using spoilboards and start using dedicated fixtures.


– Spoke with a member of Laguna’s Sales Team about building a dedicated fixture in a proof-of-concept project they are working on. After they prove to the customer, we can hold the part, it will be the final step to selling the router to the user.

– Nice conversation with the new Buyer at one of our large guitar manufacturers. He was curious what we have been supplying all these years.


– A first-time customer calling with his first ever router, an Industrial CNC. Provided some grid gasketing and an intro kit to help better understand vacuum clamping ideas and differences between spoilboards and fixtures.

– Great call with Jeff Robinson, Head Coach at Hybrid Machining ( www.hybridmachining.com ). Sending Jeff some gasketing material to put in their new CNC education center. Looking forward to working with Jeff and his team.


– We had a visit with a customer last week doing stair runners on his CNT Motions Systems CNC Router. We were showing him tile gasketing, the TG CR 06. Today, he reordered significantly a bit more material. Must have been working for him.

– Spoke with a CNC shop in Warren, RI of all places. All Star’s former location. We signed the necessary NDAs today and will begin receiving the CAD files and pictures of the parts next week. Looking forward to helping hold these parts better.

Coach’s Corner!!

Watch as Coach Mike Murphy describes the process of making dedicated vacuum fixtures for use on CNC Routers. Making these long-term use boards, in place of spoilboards, will help maximize vacuum effectiveness on your CNC router holding those repetitive parts.

Watch You Tube Video Here

YouTube Video Tutorial Discussing Different CNC Gasketing Concepts

CNC Gasketing Education…


Why does All Star CNC Products carry 5 different groups of gasketing products? All to better assist the owners and operators of CNC Routers to get maximum performance out of their router’s vacuum system. The better the hold, the better the performance, the better the return on CNC router investments.

– Grid Gasketing for CNC Router tables

– On Board Gasketing & Tile Gasketing for Spoilboard Improvement

– In Board Gasketing & Cover Gasketing for Dedicated Fixtures