Welcome to All*Star CNC

All*Star continues to be a family-run business.  We have been providing quality Gasketing products and techniques to the CNC industry for over 20 years now.  We listen to our customers' successes and failures when it comes to vacuum holding.  Those conversations over time has led to the creation of the CNC Gasketing Product Line that exists today.

The reason our customers keep coming back to us for our products and assistance is that we have proven to maximize the effectiveness of the vacuum holding ability of the CNC Routers they own and operate. The only way to improve a vacuum's performance is with gasketing material.  Gasketing is the only tool available than can change a simple down-draft application to a vacuum clamp one.  These are two different sciences and the vacuum clamping technique proves to be vastly superior to hat of simple downdraft.

The Gasketing that we produce is held to the highest standard insuring that the Gasketing material has maximum lifetime and recovery, resulting in improved yields and quality finishes on CNC routers.