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Cover Gasketing

Cover Gasketing is provided in full width rolls. It allows for a “blank canvas” approach to creating a custom in-house gasket for any part.

Cover Gasketing products were created for those customers that are making dedicated fixtures, but for the smallest of parts.  These small parts, those with tight angles and/or or narrow portions, make it difficult to gasket for using a radiational Dedicated Fixture / In-Board Gasketing approach due to the size constraints.   So there is no better way to MAXIMIZE vacuum surface area than by utilizing All Star’s Cover Gasketing approach.

products cannot hold due to the limited surface area of the part.  in this case for the smallest of parts.   are for small and/or narrow parts that would be difficult to gasket if using one of the other methods because of the limited surface area of the part. By covering the entire fixture with gasketing, users can route parts directly into the gasketing, and then create custom vacuum pocket areas to match the size and shape of their parts.

The specific CAD work that any shop is doing can be used to cut the gasket sheet to match the dimensions of that specific part.


Cover Gasket can be supplied in pre-sized sheets or custom widths in all thicknesses and densities.   Things to keeping mind when evaluating Cover  Gasketing:

      • Just like with On-Board Gasketing, the rule of thumb is the thinner the better.  The thinner the gasket, the less the Jell-O effect that gasket will cause.  But enough thickness is needed to counteract for the variances of the materials attempted to be vacuum clamped.
      • For that reason, many customer routing plastics and other extremely flat surfaces will use the 1/32″ thickness, know as the CR 03 products.
      • Many customers cutting wood products, due to the slight variances, will use the 1/16″ thickness, CR 06 being most common.

        The gasketing material that is removed vs what is left behind creates any vacuum clamp part that job requires.

      • 1/8″ thick products best for very uneven surfaces.
      • A non-porous material should be used for the fixture board to prevent vacuum loss.
      • Cover Gasketing products are offered as SBC  (Spoilboard Covers that are typically enough material to do a 4×8 board).  The ZBC (Zone Board Cover) are custom width rolls at extended lengths.  This is a great option once a shop starts utilizing a specific size fixture board often.  And the LFC (Lineal  Foot Cover) for ordering by the square foot.
      • The Cover Bit is  great tool that can be used for cutting the gasketing sheet
      • The SBC CR 0656 is the most commonly ordered Cover Gasketing product.