Tile Gasketing

This represents the most recent addition to the All Star CNC Products Gasketing Line.  Utilizing our Cover Gasketing material, the Tile Gasketing products are pre-perforated with 1/4″ holes, every 1″ spaced apart.  It has a similar pattern to a peg board you would find on a work bench.  But each of these 1/4″ holes creates a vacuum clamp, something that does not happen with gasketing material.  It is a fantastic option for our customers who run spoilboards and constantly changing parts.

There are two advantages to utilizing the Tile Gasketing concept:

1) Improved vacuum efficiency by creating a gasketed vacuum clamp chamber area under any part, and

2) The tiles seal the surface on a porous spoilboard, such as MDF.  A sealed-surface spoilboard to prevent vacuum pressure loss through the surface of the spoilboard as parts are being routed.  This leak is the reason the end of a nest does not cut with the same quality as the start of a program: continued vacuum loss through the surface of the spoilboard as tool paths are exposed.

These tiles will cover an entire porous MDF surface, creating thousands of mini suction cups to hold parts. When customers are doing Nested Base Manufacturing, but want to the benefit of vacuum clamping, these tiles are the solution. Not only will they create vacuum clamps to hold the sheets, but it prevents vacuum leak from occurring through the channels of an exposed spoilboard. An improved vacuum hold-down system in an ever-changing job environment is why the users of this item make it a part of their Nested Base Manufacturing process. The product, just like all of the gasketing products, can vary in both thickness and density, to fit each customer’s unique set of variables. Not all users are attempting to hold the same substrates.