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Cut Parts in Less Time

This customer called us because they wanted to make more parts in less time. They were able to do this when they were able to eliminate the need to do onion skins / tabbing on the part, and the necessary work to clean these edges up before calling it a finished part. We helped the customer to create a Dedicated Fixture using In-Board Gasketing. It allowed his Biesse router to produce his desired PARTS in a single pass. Nobody buys a CNC router to make spoilboards. Companies invest in routers to make PARTS. Why is it then that the only thing most shops gasket for is under their spoilboards? Let’s gasket for PARTS. That is how we maximize vacuum performance.

Hold It Better.
Cut It Better.
Profit Better.

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Eliminate leakage and improve Vacuum Hold-down

A high-end toy manufacturer running a Techno CNC was having trouble holding their repetitive parts using their old spoilboard set-up. We told them you need to make an air-tight dedicated fixture for those repeat parts. They started applying cling-wrap everywhere to see where the leaks were occurring. By eliminating leak, they improved vacuum performance.

Hold it better.
Cut it better.
Profit better.

Now, customer is making parts in a single pass (no onion skins or tabbing) and are making more parts in less time. A very happy customer, indeed.

#allstarcnc #cncrouter #spoilboard #cncgasketing