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Shop Sabre Vacuum System Upgrade Kit

Shop Sabre Vacuum System Upgrade Kit

Turn your Shop Sabre CNC Router vacuum system into an All Star superstar with parts holding power. This kit includes Grid Gasket to sit in the vacuum plenum and seal up to your spoilboard greatly reducing leak. Testing shows that by simply adding this gasket you can double your parts holding. Watch the video showing the improvement here. And since Shop Sabres have a unique trapezoidal channel, we've included special double-sided tape to help hold the round cord in place. From there we focus on holding parts on top of the spoilboard using our Tile Gasket for a real game-changer in firmly holding your parts. Enough tile Gasket is included to cover your whole table, along with supporting application notes, magnetic conversion charts, and other helpful and fun swag.

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  • Our Shop Sabre Vacuum System Upgrade Kits include all that you'll need to transform the holding strength of your vacuum system into a powerhouse of productivity. Grid Gasket: the foundation of all vacuum systems to prevent leak under your spoilboard. We provide a specially sized 7MM high-quality, microcell PVC rubber gasket along with paper-backed double-sided tape to keep it in place within Shop Sabre's unique channel geometry. Then we hold parts tightly on top of the spoilboard with All Star's patented Tile Gasket for unparalleled parts grip.

  • Grid Gasket is the foundation for every CNC vacuum table and seals up against the spoilboard preventing leak and ensuring top performance. Our kits include a special 7mm round gasket and double-sided tape to help keep the cord in place within the unique trapezoidal channel design. This simple, easy, and inexpensive gasket alone can double your holding power. See how we did on a Shop Sabre here.

  • Tile Gasket, included in your kit, transforms the top of your spoilboard. Using science and physics behind Vacuum Clamping rather than down-drafting on an open MDF spoilboard, you'll have confidence in cutting your parts faster, cleaner, without tabs or onion skins on even the smallest of parts. See our customer's reaction to its holding power using it for the first time here.

  • We take pride in our customer service, support, and tailored consultation for each customer. Application notes and guidance on using and installing the material for the best success are provided, and we are here standing by to assist every step of the way.

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