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How to Improve CNC Vacuum Clamping

Why do we loose small parts on a CNC Router? Why do we leave tabs that need clean-up later? Why do we have to make two passes or more on some parts?

Is it the router’s fault? Absolutely not. We know the router is capable of because it can make all of our other parts.

Is it the tooling’s fault? Shouldn’t be. The proper tooling should be factoring things like feed rates and types of materials being routed.

Is it the fault of the gantry system? The collets? The software? The operator? The answer is almost always “NO”.

The weak link in the system, and the reason customers cannot cut these parts, is almost always because their vacuum system is not working well enough. Simple as that. If the vacuum “worked better”, small parts would not be a problem. The only tool in the toolbox to improve vacuum work-holding: CNC Gasketing from All Star.

If we are going to do Made In America, let’s do it well. That means we need to do it smart. We need to do it efficient. We need to do it with less waste.

Hold It Better.
Cut It Better.
Profit Better.

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