All Star CNC Products, Inc. has been a family-run business for over three decades now.  We have been providing quality gasketing products and techniques to assist with vacuum hold to the owners and operators of CNC routers and machining centers. Our #1 goal is to maximize the vacuum hold down abilities of the router which leads to improved performance and effeciency of the manufacturing investment. The product line started and continues to grow by listening to our customers’ needs. That much is obvious just from our testimonials.

What began with just one item now encompasses more than 200 unique items supplied to our thousands of users across the globe.   The CNC items we ship and the people behind them are here to help you succeed in your industry and improve production. Our owner has 30+ years of experience in the pressure sensitive industry and puts that to use providing supplies at lower costs and presenting concepts and ideas that create value.

The gasketing that All*Star provides is held to the highest standard, ensuring that the Gasketing material has maximum lifetime and recovery. This, in turn, results in improved yields and quality finishes on CNC routers. We always aim to do the best we can for every customer, and that’s why we’ve been in business for so long.

We treat our customers like the individuals they are. Contact our representatives in Grass Valley, CA, to have your products shipped anywhere around the world.