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Downdraft vs Vacuum Clamp CNC Router

For those CNC Router operators that do production parts, we encourage these facilities to implement Dedicated Fixtures for improved router performance. The basic MDF spoilboard is leaky, drafty and a very ineffective way to get max vacuum to the PART, the most important thing in the whole process. A Dedicated Fixture like these are working towards creating an air-tight system runs FAST and EFFECIENT and very helpful to those shops looking to make more parts in less time.

This fixture is a thing of beauty. Poly furniture is tough to cut. This customer made a series of air-tight fixtures. Each fixture utilized our In-Board Gasket, being placed inside pre-routed channels. Locating dowels keeps raw material in place. These parts were cut in a single pass. It was very impressive to watch this operation purr. This dedicated fixture became a very efficient tool for what they are doing. Took a short time to make these fixtures, but now that they are done their time per part is now

CNC Dedicated Fixture

Dedicated fixture is a game changer.

10% of what it used to be.

Since finding our solutions a few years ago, this customer will no longer even attempt to cut a part on any of his seven routers without first utilizing one of our gasket solutions to vacuum clamp his part. A one-time recordable injury in the shop as a result of a part flying off the table started his journey looking for our type of solution, and now he is EXTREMLY happy he did as he cuts parts faster, cleaner and with less waste (and zero parts flying from the table).

If you own or operator a CNC router, we look forward to working with you one day and helping you get the most out of your CNC Router investment..

Pod and Rail CNC Router Dedicated Fixture

Every shop we deal with is unique. There are so many different variables that can change (type of router being used, type of material being cut, type of tooling being utilized, type of elevation being based, etc.) that no two shops are ever the same. But every customer that finds us is looking to address a difficulty that they all share: To improve the work-holding of the parts they are looking to vacuum down on their CNC router. We can help them do this is a variety of ways…

This particular customer last week called using multiple 5-axis pod-and-rail machines. Yet they called as they wanted to enjoy the benefits of a nesting table for a particular repeat job that they were looking to vacuum better. Needed the ability to route angled pieces out of a single sheet to later be miter-folded together. We talked them through the idea of making a dedicated fixture to fit over their pods. Used an in-board gasket to seal the vacuum chamber area under each part. Major improvement. Now that the proof of concept has worked, they will be making the same fixture out of a UHMW-type material to prevent leak through the current MDF set-up. Also mentioned to get their vacuum channels closer to the tool path as that is where the torque is occurring. Both of these improvements will result in improved vacuum performance on these particular parts.

The whole fixture set up will 100% percent result in more parts in less time, less waste and cleaner edge quality.

Hold It Better.
Cut It Better.
Profit Better.

If All Star CNC Products can help to improve the work-holding on someone’s CNC router, we will look forward to working with them. Our unique line of CNC Gasket products and concepts will have a specific solution for nearly every application that a customer will present to us. Parts don’t budge in air-tight systems. Gasket creates air-tight systems.

It is possible to make a dedicated fixture with a Pod and Rail CNC Router.

CNC Routers are Capable of Amazing Things

CNC Routers are capable of amazing things. Don’t let poor vacuum performance and inefficient work-hold limit the machine’s production.

Some CNC Router operators are told that if they cannot hold their parts with their existing vacuum system, that they need to upgrade their vacuum pump. That can be a major, unexpected cost for someone trying to keep their business running.

Looking for a more effective, science-based solution: All Star’s gasket products and techniques. Like the lip on your freezer door, gasket materials seals the edge, maximizing vacuum pressure. It allows our customers to not only cut their parts better, faster and with less waste, but they become happier with their CNC’s abilities.

Hold It Better.
Cut It Better.
Profit Better.


Poor Vacuum performance limits your production ability.